VICKERS PAN ø 24 cm • 2 handles - SERAFINO ZANI

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1 paella antiaderente ø 24 cm, senza coperchio

Tarcisio Zani

Vickers is the highest quality non-stick series that solves the problem of the durability and functionality of the internal coating. Vickers pans, saucepans, saucepans, pots and grills are specialized cooking tools made thanks to advanced technologies, utensils that last over the years while maintaining their fundamental non-stick characteristics and absolute hygiene unchanged over time. Vickers is made up of a steel body, on which a layer of titanium and two layers of non-stick are deposited. The molecules of these two materials, when united, give rise to a very hard surface, very difficult to damage. Absolutely unique solution in the non-stick panorama. The presence of steel, with which the body, handles and long handles of all the pieces are made, gives greater elegance and preciousness to this line, while at the same time making it easier to clean.
The internal Vickers coating is made up of a layer of Titanium (Titancoat®) and a double layer of non-stick material. The combination of these two elements gives rise to a very hard surface, highly resistant to use and contact abrasion. An innovative technical solution that significantly increases the life of the internal lining and slows down its wear. The Titancoat® in liquid state is sprayed at very high speed onto the steel body of the tool, using high-tech plasma equipment, also used for the aerospace industry.
The bodies of all Vickers pieces are made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel, and can be used on gas, electric hob, glass-ceramic and induction, thanks to the encapsulated heat-diffusing base, patented by Tarcisio Zani, which ensures uniform distribution of the heat.
The Vickers handles and handles are made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel and designed to ensure easy handling and safe grip: they are in fact filled with perlite (expanded lava rock), a particularly light inert material, which hinders the transmission of heat coming from from the tool body.

Do not overheat. Oven up to 180°, no microwave

The package includes
1 non-stick paella ø 24 cm, without lid

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