Jar Eleven


«Produced in limited numbers, these vases were modeled recalling the metaphor of the tree. They are objects that present themselves as table architecture, which show the dimension and measure of the gesture and of the hands that shaped them"".
Mario Botta

Unmistakable examples of Mario Botta's style and poetics, these thirteen vases present themselves as presences of extraordinary communicative force in the contemporary home, according to an idea of ​​living linked to the quality of the objects that populate it, particularly dear to the Numa project.

«When I read these words that Mario Botta had written for the presentation of the vases he designed, I understood that I could find in him the harmony I was looking for to be able to create, with pewter, the works he had designed. The collection designed by Mario Botta consists of 13 vases, 6 of which are now put into production by Numa in a limited edition of 33 pieces. Each vase is made from melted pewter sheets, shaped and welded by hand. It is handcrafted with brushing and polishing operations. The thirteen vases that we now present are presences of extraordinary communicative power, unmistakable examples of Mario Botta's sign and poetics; they are the representation of the work of Alfredo Marinoni, a true master in pewter working, with whom I shared the entire Numa journey with the material that he works with unparalleled mastery. Tredicivasi is the increasingly fascinating continuation of the Numa journey and project."
Roberto Zani

Tredicivasi is a collection of large pewter vases, designed by Mario Botta with multiple arms as a "tree metaphor". Thirteen table architectures whose geometries are expressed very well by pewter, an ancient material of great plastic strength. A material that Numa has brought back to the contemporary in recent years by entrusting its manufacturing to Alfredo Marinoni, a master in working with pewter and who for these vases is cast in slabs and subsequently finished by hand.

Vases obtained from the fusion of pewter plates (alloy of tin, antimony and copper), modeled, welded and polished by hand.