Sassi di Fiume - pan ø 24 cm


Proposing an accessible product on the market, intended for a clientele who are attentive to price, but not willing to compromise and give up quality, details and the latest trends in cooking: these are the reasons that pushed Emporio Zani to launch the new line of Sassi di Fiume non-stick pans on the market. Made of aluminium, with a stone-effect non-stick coating, Sassi di Fiume brings together all the latest trends for a cuisine attentive to well-being and healthy. The high quality non-stick coating, totally free of PFOA, allows cooking without added fats and prevents food from sticking during cooking, while the high hardness given by the mineral particles present gives Sassi di Fiume a particular resistance to abrasion and wear. The high thickness aluminum body guarantees at the same time solidity, lightness and high heat conductivity. The particular steel base, aesthetically refined, then contributes to making Sassi di Fiume truly usable on all heat sources, including the new induction plates. Ergonomic soft touch handle, with an exclusive design and quality anti-slip coating, which makes Sassi di Fiume unique in style and allows the pan to be hung if necessary.