Pomegranate Dinner Plate - pack. 2 pcs

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2 dinner plate

Touch-MeL melamine plates have all the appearance of classic ceramics, combining unique characteristics of lightness, solidity, resistance to impacts, stains and scratches. Considered the fruit of abundance, the pomegranate has always been a symbol of fertility, fruitfulness and good omen. It is said that the goddess Aphrodite planted the first plant on the island of Cyprus and everywhere in the Mediterranean it had a positive influence on beliefs and customs. In some areas of Greece it is still customary to share a pomegranate during a wedding and on New Year's Eve to give each other this fruit as a symbol of prosperity and luck. Just as it is customary to plant a pomegranate tree in the garden where the newlyweds will live, a wish for a lasting and peaceful marriage.
A perfect gift idea, full of meaning, decidedly current even in color. The color of the year 2023 is in fact Viva Magenta, "a crimson red or carmine red that recalls an optimistic spirit and encourages technological and virtual experimentation". A warm and courageous colour, which "wants to reawaken the spirit of exploration of the human being", whose tones take shape in this new decoration.
With Touch-MeL we have brought Melamine to a new level of quality. Our plates, raw edge bowls and serving plates capture the beauty and charm of classic ceramics, but are made of shatterproof melamine. Innovative production techniques allow us to recreate the subtle texture and brilliance of the ceramic decoration, but with the resistance given by the scratch-resistant melamine, a perfect choice for the outdoors or for the informal table. The particular high quality transparent varnish guarantees its uniqueness, giving the valuable decoration such an appearance that those who use Touch-MeL for the first time will be pleasantly surprised to discover that in reality it is not ceramic, but unique melamine its kind.

Technical features:
• 100% melamine
• For food
• Maximum hygiene
• High impact resistance
• Resistant to thermal shock
• Vitrified finish with the highest quality transparent varnish, to protect from stains and scratches
• Thicker than usual melamine tableware
• Perfect for outdoors and the informal table
• BPA free
• Dishwasher safe
• Touch-MeL collection
• Not to be used in the microwave

No oven. No microwave. The use of serrated blades and pizza cutters is not recommended. Wash preferably in the top rack of the dishwasher. Do not use metal scourers or abrasive sponges when hand washing. Do not use industrial dishwashing brushes.

The package includes
2 dinner plate

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