Mini Chef - set of mini pots


The perfect gift idea for little home chefs and a collector's item, Mini Chef is a real miniature Karen set, which has all the features of a set of Serafino Zani 18/10 stainless steel pans.
Can also be used for cooking, it represents the ideal tool for a truly low-calorie diet... you know those 60 grams of pasta What did your dietician prescribe for you?

The set supplied in a white box consists of:
- pot ø 12 cm
- pot ø 10 cm
- saucepan ø 10 cm
- pan ø 8 cm
- colander
- grill
- 1 lid ø 12 cm
- 2 lids ø 10 cm
- 1 lid ø 8 cm

NB Mini Chef is not compatible with induction hobs