Cinque stelle

Cinque stelle

Stainless steel

Acciaio Satinato



1 x Soft Cheese Knife

Ettore Sottsass

With the program “The wise kitchen and the happy table”, born in 2004 from the collaboration with the great master of Italian design Ettore Sottsass, Serafino Zani once again proposes steel as the protagonist of the table. It is a broad and structured program which, in continuity with the past, develops the theme of everyday life through the use of this material and explores all the classic typologies of the table and the kitchen, up to the accessories and complements for the inhabit.

The program puts steel and its truest attitude as a solid and long-lasting industrial material back at the center of a research on objects whose main objective is to "redesign" the kitchen and the common table, of popular memory, with contemporary languages , to make it suitable for people of different tastes and cultures. The name chosen by Ettore Sottsass, with a good dose of irony, underlines the idea of ​​an everyday life that loves the quiet normality of simple things that work well, of great quality, which the highest level design can interpret.

Knives made for many, with the qualities of a few are also the Five Star knives. It is essential to have a functional series of knives in the kitchen that meets the multiple needs of those who work there every day. For this reason, the great master with the Sottsass Associati studio has studied 7 different types of kitchen knives: two with a long blade, with a round tip, for cutting bread and cured meats; two with a shorter and pointed blade for cutting meat; two, small and handy, for cleaning vegetables; finally the steak knife, with a serrated blade and sold in packs of 6.

The series is completed by the cheese knives, with a particularly attractive shape: the classic parmesan knife, the two-pronged parmesan fork for forking the pieces, and the "bell" knife for soft cheeses.
An indispensable set to best present the cheeses on our table, sold in a refined package, which makes it a tasty gift idea if necessary.

The entire line of knives is made of stainless steel with a satin finish. The feature of the hollow handle makes them particularly high-quality, easy to handle and easy to use.

The package includes
1 x Soft Cheese Knife