SOLARIS saucepan ø 22 cm - SERAFINO ZANI



18/10 stainless steel





1 saucepan ø 22 cm, without lid

Tarcisio Zani

Love for things done well, attention to the relationship between beauty and functionality of the object, search for an innovative and original design: this is perceived in cooking with a pot made in Italy by Serafino Zani.
Serafino Zani still manufactures his pans in the Lumezzane company, in Brescia, using exclusively high quality stainless steel (18/10 stainless steel). This material is the only one that guarantees maximum hygiene in contact with food, almost eternal durability and extreme ease of cleaning and maintenance.
Steel is used in all components and details, and is always applied in generous thicknesses which guarantee excellent heat distribution and non-deformability over time. All steel fire pieces are equipped with a special heat-diffusing bottom patented by Tarcisio Zani - USA patent 4204607 - composed of a pure aluminum core 'imprisoned' inside a double stainless steel bottom. The use of this base allows for optimal heat distribution on the body of the pan with minimal energy expenditure, and the possibility of using the utensils on gas, electric, glass-ceramic and induction hobs.
All handles are designed to slow down heat transmission, paying attention to the materials, shapes and surfaces in contact with the body of the pan.
The lid is housed in a molding that prevents it from jumping while cooking food, and from letting steam escape, wasting heat unnecessarily.
Serafino Zani's design philosophy has always been based on aesthetic-technological research and on the maximum satisfaction of the end user, through the creation of objects for everyday use that are of high quality, pleasant to use and that do not create inconvenience and maintenance difficulties. The pans produced by Serafino Zani are thus objects of high design, with high thicknesses (synonymous with resistance and durability), with excellent and accurate finishes, which allow ease of use and cleaning.

The package includes
1 saucepan ø 22 cm, without lid