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Stainless steel




1 round tray

Konstantin Grcic

With 'Pass me the salt', Serafino Zani continues his research on a contemporary use of steel as an everyday material, solid and long-lasting but at the same time gracefully elegant, these products narrate in an unusual way everyday typologies of the domestic panorama: the tray, the basket, salad cutlery. Konstantin Grcic's minimal language reinterprets steel through basic geometries, asymmetries and clean cuts, like extremely simple metal origami, capable of making you feel the hand of those who made them.

The «Pass me the salt» project, born in 2007 thanks to the creative path undertaken with the designer Konstantin Grcic, includes a range of table and kitchen accessories characterized by an innovative design without ever neglecting the functional aspect - characteristic aspects of all the Zani production - whose mix expresses an incisive aesthetic power, without superfluous decorative elements. The laser-cut baskets and trays, the Accent cutlery, the Certainly steel wire salad cutlery and the Al Dente cooking tools are the objects created for the Project between 2007 and 2009 which were awarded the prestigious GOOD DESIGN award Award 2010 from the Chicago Athenaeum - Museum of Architecture and Design and the European Center for Architecture Art Design & Urban Studies. An award, also awarded in 2011 to the Subito pressure cooker - also designed by Grcic and an integral part of the project - which represents international recognition for the research and experimentation of an industrial reality like that of Serafino Zani, strongly devoted to design non-conceptual.

«Working with Serafino Zani offers me the opportunity to compare my way of working with Italian production on a terrain that I consider very interesting and which I call the House-Factory. Serafino Zani is a contemporary, industrial company that pays particular attention to design, but at the same time has a very strong bond with its territory and with the work of artisans. It uses the means of industrial production without forgetting the knowledge of the workforce. I believe there is a great quality in trying to use industrial means, remembering that choosing a technology or a machine is like choosing a tool: both are not valid as such, but because, through the project, they are able to make the touch felt of the person who made them." Konstantin Grcic

The meeting with Grcic, wanted by Roberto Zani, confirms the growth path experienced by the brand, characterized by an increasingly careful choice of its interlocutors and aimed at enhancing its identity as a Made in Italy company on an international scale, based on a solid production history which today boasts over 50 years of experience in the sector. Love for things done well, attention to the relationship between beauty and functionality of the object, search for an innovative and original design: this is perceived in a product made in Italy by Serafino Zani. All the objects created for the "Passami il Sale" program summarize the innovative and essential design and an unmistakable aesthetic power combined with functionality that well represent the fundamental values ​​of Serafino Zani's production and Grcic's style.

The package includes
1 round tray

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