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Pizza, serve on the table



Strong Ceramic

Bianco, verde, grigio






2 ceramic pizza plates, diameter 31 cm

Strong ceramic of Italian production, a watercolor with Eucalyptus leaves, symbol of protection.
With Emporio Zani we cross the ocean and go beyond Australia, to that Tasmania which evokes charm and mystery right from its name and still represents one of the most uncontaminated places on earth. Outdoor paradise and place for indomitable adventurers, Tasmania is home to some of the tallest and oldest trees in the world, the giant eucalyptus (a world heritage site), whose foliage seems to touch the sky.
Precisely those Eucalyptus leaves which, a symbol of protection, elegantly decorate the collection launched in 2021 by Emporio Zani. Available in both strong Italian ceramic and Touch-MeL melamine. The name of this plant derives from the Greek eu-Kalyptos "closed", precisely because the leaves protect the flowers and keep them well hidden until the moment of flowering, preserving their healing and beneficial properties. What better gift, as useful as it is symbolic, to give to a person dear to us?

Made of strong, resistant and durable ceramic, dishwasher safe and suitable for use in a microwave oven, the new Italian Ceramic collections by Emporio Zani represent the ideal completion of the project started with Touch-MeL.
Designed to be placed alongside the melamine collections of the same name, Le Ceramiche Zani is now enriched with an exclusive serving collection. Salad bowls, pizza plates and trays, round and oval available from spring 2022 in the classic contemporary decorations London, Madrid, Porto and Taormina; in the Santorini decoration with the scent of the sea; in the jungle style of York Floreale and the contemporary elegance of Tasmania, a collection of great and immediate success after the launch in late autumn 2021. Offered in attractive packaging, also excellent as a gift idea, the new Emporio Zani Ceramics confirm themselves as objects of great taste and effect, which follow the trend launched by Zani and Memento: ensuring that the final buyer chooses his own personal style, giving him the ability to also mix materials, as well as designs and colours, whilst maintaining the harmony necessary for conquer even the most demanding guests.
After having brought a breath of fresh air to the world of tableware, rediscovering melamine as a high quality and durable material with Touch-MeL, Emporio Zani completes the tableware offering with this collection of strong ceramic plates, of Italian production. A proposal that takes up the style of the most loved Touch-MeL decorations, reinterpreting them in a traditional material with an artisanal flavour, but innovative in its workmanship and durable over time, thanks to the original vitrified external finish.

The package includes
2 ceramic pizza plates, diameter 31 cm

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