Romantic Cutlery - Dove Gray - Set of 24 pieces - NEVA Creative Cutlery

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ROMANTIC CUTLERY - Set of 24 pieces
Search for your style
Cutlery set of 24 pieces, 6 place settings, consisting of 6 forks, 6 spoons, 6 knives and 6 tea/coffee/ice cream spoons.
Variety of colors, modern playfulness, the Romantica cutlery gives life to ever new reinterpretations, with its soft touch of pastel tones, and that elegant, slightly retro inspiration.
Choose your color, search for your style, express your creativity. Neva inspiring cutlery!
The creative philosophy of NEVA Posateria Creativa is not limited to simple cutlery, but translates into a real lifestyle, which places individual expression, creative exploration, the search for evocative atmospheres and aesthetic harmony at the forefront based on the taste of decoration.
Express your style with the 24-piece Romantica set.