Of Secret, Silent Tears


Secret, silent tears is the theme of the reflection proposed to the poet Mario Luzi and which has become the title of the collection of verses that Numa publishes in a small volume in a limited edition, bound by hand. The collection contains, among others, a poem dedicated by Luzi in the summer of 2004 to this project and which has remained unpublished until now. The volume includes five others, already published, which Luzi collected at the time to "constitute a small group of verses, complete poems or fragments suitable for the Numa project" in which Roberto Zani invited him to participate.

For the collection of poems Of secret, silent tears, Ettore Sottsass designed a lacrimal chalice in Murano glass, fragile and very delicate like the poet's verses which, together with the book, becomes part of the 2006 Limited Edition collections

Material: Mouth-blown Murano glass.

Processing steps:

  1. The object is made up of 3 pieces:
    - The Murano glass drinker, mouth blown into a wooden mould, cut with a diamond tip and hot trimmed.
    - The milky glass stem, hot-stretched to the dimensions determined by the design.
    - The foot in dark glass, hand-crafted steering wheel.
  2. The three pieces are worked separately on different squares. They are then joined together while hot, at the same temperature so that tensions are not created which could damage the object.
  3. An application of molten glass, colored in chromatic gradations, is carried out on the stem to form spaced rings.
  4. When the temperature of the glass drops, to a degree that allows the object to remain standing without risking deformation, the glass is placed in the oven for 8 hours, so that it can gradually reach room temperature, thus eliminating the possibility of thermal shock and cancel the internal tensions of matter.
  5. Each glass is finally signed and numbered by hand.

    NB The lacrimal chalice was entirely handmade in the Gino Cenedese & Figlio furnace, Murano (VE)