Porto cutlery pack of 24 pieces

SKU: EZ9PO/24 ISBN: 8028460310240



Acciaio Inox, ABS

Rosso, azzurro, blu, verde, bianco, acciaio

"Forchetta 2,5 Cucchiaino 2,5 Cucchiaio 4 Coltello 2"

"1 1 1 1"

"20 15 20 21,5"




Posate: 6 Forchette, 6 Coltelli, 6 Cucchiai, 6 Cucchiaini da caffè / tè / gelato

Touch-MeL is an icon on tables throughout Europe and a real point of reference in the tableware market with its proposal in extremely high quality melamine and a constantly evolving program, characterized by high-impact textures and dazzling colors which well describe a material that is highly practical in use and cleaning.
The color and taste of the decorations of the great classics London, Madrid, Porto, Rabat and Santorini and the floral atmospheres of York today find their natural completion in the 24-piece cutlery set: six place settings complete with fork, knife, spoon and coffee spoon, are offered in the same decorations as the cutlery collections, in a practical gift box.
The proposal is completed by pairs of salad servers, also in a practical gift box. In the London, Madrid, Porto, York, Rabat and Santorini decorations, the serving cutlery represents the perfect match for the Touch-MeL salad bowls and more, a touch of color that perfectly complements the Touch-MeL offer.
Made in Italy in stainless steel with a synthetic material handle, these cutlery collections are the perfect complement to create a modern, colorful table full of a joyful and decidedly personal style.
Attention to the evolution of styles, tastes and trends is one of Touch-MeL's design features which is best expressed in this series of cutlery made in Italy

Pack of steel cutlery with Touch-Mel colored handle. 6 place settings complete with fork, knife, spoon and coffee spoon.

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