FINLAND • Roast fork, Wirkkala design - SERAFINO ZANI


Stainless Steel, Rosewood


1 carving fork

Tapio Wirkkala, Sami Wirkkala

The Finland programme, created with the great Finnish master Tapio Wirkkala and his son Sami, is made up of a group of kitchen utensils, made of forged steel and rosewood (with a rhomboidal section which allows a perfect grip), and of a series of teapots, coffee pots and serving trays, in thick stainless steel. Typically Nordic elements, such as the elegant and elongated design of kitchen utensils, the use of rosewood for the handles, the shape of the handles of teapots and coffee pots, are combined with the use of steel which is testimony to the mastery of company processing. Finland is still today a bearer of extraordinary relevance and represents one of the highest syntheses of purity of form and practical function.

The meeting with Tapio Wirkkala at the beginning of the 80s is one of the most beautiful and important moments of Serafino Zani's activity, and the resulting project becomes one of the elements characterizing the identity and orientation of the company. From that almost casual meeting and the human and artistic enrichment that followed, objects designed in a European way were born: the only ones that can satisfy the demand for "beauty" and "symbols" that comes from all over the world. The design concept of the Finland line is essentiality, and is suggested by nature, whose call in the long winter months of Northern Europe becomes a poignant Muse, which guides and inspires.

Hand washing recommended

The package includes
1 carving fork