Eco-Grill • Wooden Barbecue burner - Size XL

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To grill; barbecue; heat up


alder wood







log of wood and coal, with trigger

ECO Grill

EcoGrill is the easiest solution for cooking on an outdoor fire. Made from the highest quality alder wood and alder charcoal, obtained from sustainable sources, EcoGrill is completely natural and chemical-free.
EcoGrill uses an ecological combustion element that allows for easy lighting of the fire, with a single, simple operation. Its unique design, supported by two international patents, allows you to light the fire quickly and above all without the use of chemicals which, with their smell, could alter the flavor of the food.
The use of only selected natural products guarantees your barbecue all the flavor of grilling, while making it easy and possible wherever you want.

it is practical to use and carry
it is immediately ready for use
turns on quickly and easily
uses only high quality natural wood and charcoal
alder wood gives scent and aroma to food
guarantees a long burning time (3 h) and great heat
burns completely
the shape is designed to adapt to standard grills
it can itself be used as a grill rest
the flat surface serves as a support for pots, teapots etc.
EcoGrill allows you to always have a fire ready to create an exceptional barbecue, with that extra touch of flavor given by Northern European alder wood.

Assembled by hand, EcoGrill is made with trees coming from responsible forestry management and, for each item sold, €0.10 is allocated to nature for the creation of new wooded areas.

flammable, keep away from heat sources

The package includes
log of wood and coal, with trigger

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