Column - Grill pan 1 handle 28 x 28 cm

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cook without fat, grill, fry, roast, cream; toast;


Forged aluminium, Xylan non-stick (PFOA Free, Nickel Free)









1 Column grill pan 28 x 28 cm

Zani Serafino Design Studio

Forged Aluminum
Nickel Free
Soft Touch handles, handles and knobs
Tempered glass lids with silicone ring
Xylan non-stick internal coating by PPG
Compatible with all hobs: gas, electric plate, glass ceramic and induction

1. Before using the pan for the first time, wash it with warm water and dish soap. Dry it and spread a thin layer of oil on the bottom, repeating this operation every now and then.
2. Do not cut food inside the utensil. It is advisable not to use sharp metal utensils, preferring the use of wooden, plastic or silicone kitchen utensils. Store the utensil carefully to preserve the non-stick coating
3. Non-stick utensils are easily washed using liquid detergent and a simple sponge. Avoid using abrasive tools, abrasive sponges, scouring pads or metal brushes.
4. Never heat the empty pan, use a heat source with dimensions that match those of the bottom of the utensil; center the utensil on the heat source, a moderate flame is always sufficient. Never char fatty foods.
5. Let the tool cool before cleaning it: temperature changes can deform the bottom.

The package includes
1 Column grill pan 28 x 28 cm

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