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Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit

Alluminio, antiaderente


33 cm









1 bollilatte diametro 14 cm

Ettore Sottsass

Made of cast aluminium, coated with high quality and resistant non-stick, the "Bon Appetit" series is characterized by its wide profiles and high, generous thicknesses of the material. The long handles are made of Bakelite, a heat-resistant material that makes gripping easy and safe. All the pieces are equipped with a special heat-diffusing base which allows their use on all heat sources: gas, electric plate, glass-ceramic and induction. The production, done by hand, is carried out through gravity casting. The molten aluminum in the crucible is taken with a "cup" and poured into the pair of molds which have the shape of the objects inside them. Once the mold has cooled, it is opened and the product removed. The entire turning production process then begins - which must perfectly follow the design of the object -, the application of the base necessary for the four heat sources (gas, electricity, glass ceramic, induction), the application of the non-stick part , the assembly of the handles, the final testing.
The handles of saucepans and pans, and the long handles of other fire pieces have been designed to facilitate grip, thanks to their large dimensions and ergonomic shape. The long handles are made of Bakelite: their particular shape prevents the hand from getting too close to the aluminum part, helping to avoid burns.
With this line, Serafino Zani has introduced an important technical improvement in aluminum fire pieces: all "Bon Appetit" fire pieces are in fact equipped with a special steel base which allows their use on all heat sources, including induction.
The Bon Appetit pan, designed by Ettore Sottsass and Christopher Redfern, has been awarded with two important awards such as the Design Plus and the Red Dot Design Award.

Do not use in the oven

The package includes
1 milk boiler diameter 14 cm

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