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Die-cast aluminium, heat-resistant plastics and non-stick silicone paints








1 mocha coffee maker, 1 reducer (from 2 to 1 cup)

Iseao Hosoe

«The boiling water rises slowly and meets the magic threshold,
through which water becomes coffee.
The magical transformation of water into coffee inside a coffee maker
it pushed me to transfer the ritual, magical and symbolic value to the purely physical process.
Two identical cones are joined above and below symmetrically by a long Greek column.
The lower cone contains the water to be heated and the upper cone, placed upside down, will have its coffee only after the ritual cheerful passage along the vertical column".
Isao Hosoe

Born from the collaboration between the Japanese designer Isao Hosoe and Serafino Zani, the Mach coffee maker, inspired by the Doric columns, was able to translate the language of art into an object for everyday use.
Made of die-cast aluminium, hygienic and easy to clean thanks to the particular coating, Mach represents a suggestion but also a true exploration of matter and high-level design. Initially produced in seven color variations (green, blue, mustard, pink, purple, aluminum and bronze), Mach is essential and exclusive in its shapes: two opposing truncated cones, connected by a grooved cylinder.
The handle in thermoplastic insulating material allows for an easy and safe grip.
An evergreen design object, the Mach espresso coffee maker by Isao Hosoe represents one of those historic pieces that have placed Serafino Zani among the companies in the sector with the most innovative design. A creative thought made of experimentation and passion for the culture of the table, the kitchen, the home; where steel has always been the undisputed protagonist and, sometimes, in happy union with other materials.

NB Already selected by Alessandro Mendini for the third edition of the “Triennale Design Museum - new interpretation of Italian design” (26 March 2010 - 27 March 2011), the Mach coffee maker was chosen by Giulio Iachetti for the exhibition “Le Caffettiere dei Maestri”

Red Dot Award-Design innovation 1995 Good Design Award 1995 Chicago Athenaeum Design permanent collection, Chicago, 1995 Triennale Design Museum Collection, Milan 2010 Le Caffettiere Dei Maestri, Milan 2019

The package includes
1 mocha coffee maker, 1 reducer (from 2 to 1 cup)

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